Neo-Classical Piano / Modern Dance / Poetry

Yara’s beautiful new piece ‘Skyer’ is available in the
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YARA is off to a running start! 60K listeners in only 7 days. By the way have you seen our beautiful accompanying videos? Check them out here and join us in taking new steps ahead in areas that are deserted, leave the lonely road, close your eyes and let's dance into the future! We will greet you there!

We are taking new steps in areas that are deserted.

Our nature is what binds us

Let’s Dance,

Make Music

Sincere, as never before

Another new world unfolds

But this time it’s different, already a year

Some hours were badly spent

But they all counted

If… You are really alone…it’s not the end

Label Maestro Music, distributed by ADA Music BeNeLux

Supported by: 

Pop In Limburg 


Het Wilde Zuiden

Where Borders Disappear

Performer: Vera Goetzee
Video: Jesse Bom